You’re building your perfect website — business, personal, blog, interactive; it’s all starting to come together, but you are still lacking a set of features. Perhaps a way of being more in-tune with your visitors, letting them know about the latest updates, the latest deals, or simple announcements that you consider important. Notifying your visitors of essential information is always crucial. These days — thanks to evolution of the web — it’s possible to stay in touch with our readers and visitors in real-time using notification widgets and plugins that allow us to notify members with simple popup bars, notification bars, slides and other dynamically interactive ways.

Although native web technology definitely permits to build such notification widgets, the increasingly popular jQuery library is what many webmasters and developers keep coming back to. It’s an effective way of using technology built for the web to allow you to fully manipulate your website. jQuery has been on a steady rise of growth in the recent years; not only did the company achieve a ‘been around for a decade‘ status recently, it also made a huge announcement for a new jQuery 3.0 release that will bring about further performance improvements, and much more solid support for browsers and devices from their own origin.

More on jQuery Notification Plugins

jQuery makes it easier for developers and designers to tap into the full potential of Web API — something that native JavaScript coders will have to learn. These days, even the biggest libraries and plugins are in many ways relying on jQuery. We also don’t foresee the technology decaying any time soon, if ever. It goes without saying that learning jQuery is not all that hard; anyone with a little bit of JavaScript experience can hack their own plugins and libraries if they so desire. Even a notification plugin, for sure!

We do, however, understand that sometimes, it’s much easier to just take what’s already on the plate. For that reason, we have compiled a neat little roundup of the best jQuery notification plugins that you can find on the market today. The following jQuery plugins will be effective towards creating notifications both outside of an application or a website, but also within it. That means you can do dynamic changes to the way functions report back to the user, through the use of clever and intuitive notification widgets.

Noty is one of the hottest GitHub repositories for jQuery notification libraries, and with many good reasons. It boasts a modern approach to letting developers create notifications for simple alerts, warning messages, success and error messages, as well as custom messages that can be amplified with the use of HTML. Noty will happily integrate with websites, but also directly within applications (API is available) to help you create notifications for dynamic callbacks within the apps, or platforms you plan to use it on. The notifications can be positioned as you like at any corner of the screen. Although, with a little modification, you can create your own custom locations, too.


jQuery Ambiance Plugin

Ambiance is a pre-packaged jQuery notification library that helps you quickly build notification messages based on the available functions. You can create custom standing notifications that will only be possible to remove once the user clicks the ‘X’ button. Or, you can use custom effects like fading notifications to give each notification a brief moment of appearance before they fade away. Width, height and positioning are in your full control.


notyfy Yet another jQuery notification plugin

The Notyfy plugin is a fork of the Noty plugin that we mentioned at the beginning of the post. This fork provides a more bubbly design choice for the notification boxes. It also introduces a new method called ‘Confirmation’. This method can be used to create popup notifications which ask the user whether they would like to confirm the action they are trying to take. It can be useful in situations where users complete forms and are required to confirm their selected choices.


alertify.js browser dialogs never looked so good

Alertify, as it stands right now, is no longer maintained by the original author. However, the plugin can still be used as it’s fully functional and bug-free; though you can also try to explore GitHub for any alternative forks of Alertify that the community might have created. Those with CSS3 experience can easily modify Alertify to better suit their design appeal. It is an independent library, and only requires for JavaScript to function in order for the methods to be called. It also provides a module for creating confirmation dialogs. Desktop, tablet and mobile users all receive the same experience with Alertify!


bPopup A jQuery modal popup plugin

bPopup is a homemade product of an aspiring GitHub developer. The project was built for personal use, and has no direct availability of pre-built patterns for creating solid notifications. Instead, it is meant to be used as a way of allowing you to use the plugin to create your own custom notifications based on the requirements that you require. It gives you all the necessary functions, methods and callbacks to begin creating exciting popups that consists of your own provided information and aesthetics. It’s also dynamic and supports interactive content to be integrated in the popups directly, as can be seen in the many demo examples on the homepage.


Lobibox Free responsive jQuery messagebox and notification plugin

Although Lobibox has separated itself from Bootstrap, it still uses a lot of Bootstrap-based design patterns. It mostly utilizes the FLAT design aspects to help you create modern and appealing notification messages that can be stretched far and wide. The first part of the plugin  helps you create message boxes. You can use these to create confirmation dialogs and boxes for direct integration within your applications or websites. While the notifications aspect can be used to create effective notifications within the websites capacity, that, we guarantee, won’t go unnoticed. There’s a lot of documentation available for Lobibox; we encourage you to play around to see if this is something that you would want to use in your projects consistently.



Notify is different from other plugins in this list in the way that it offers you the ability to integrate notifications over any chosen element within the web page. There’s a simple API that developers can quickly wrap around their existing app or platform projects. The library is so lightweight that you may even forget that you’re using it in the first place.


Toastee Plugin Example

Toastee is an ultra-lightweight jQuery notification plugin that helps you create “toast style” notification boxes anywhere within your active website. The “toast style” can be best explained by imagining a notification box that has a headline, a divider, and the description of the notification — hence making a “toast” type notification. Doesn’t provide much more functionality beyond that, but is customizable if you have some experience with jQuery.


jquery.peekABar A jQuery Notification Bar plugin

Notification popups and message boxes aren’t the only types of notifications that developers and webmasters are after. Notification bars have become increasingly popular in the field of blogging, thanks to their ease of appearance. They can be of great aid when it comes to promoting products, email lists, and general announcements. peekABar gives you the freedom to create any kind of notification bar that’s based on your own set of colors, and dynamic settings.



Notie A Javascript Notification Plugin

Notie is another really popular jQuery library for creating notifications. This one uses the notification bar approach where you can create a variety of boxes that will appear at the top of the page each time the method is called. It also provides support for confirmation boxes that you can easily use to create email subscription modules, or anything else that would require of the user to confirm an action. Very lightweight and pleasant to work with!


CodePen jQuery Notifications

The author of this pen is saying that the work is more of a concept. But after closer code inspection, this jQuery Notifications snippet is ready for use. Create simple notification bars without the need to bloat your codebase with external libraries. Just load up the essentials and specify the configuration. The rest has already been taken care of. Also highly customizable thanks to local CSS and HTML integration.


Gritter demo for jQuery

Gritter is a notification library that hasn’t been maintained for years, yet remains as one of the favorites amongst those who need complex functionality, without the complexity of having to code hard stuff themselves. You can use Gritter to build sticky notifications, notifications with custom HTML, as well as custom callbacks and fallbacks for when the situation calls.



PNotify is perhaps the most beautiful of all the available libraries here. It may even be the most complex, as it provides support for desktop and mobile notifications as well. It uses Bootstrap and jQuery UI as the primary design standards for all of its notification boxes and patterns. There’s a feature-rich API that’s secure and extendable for any environment imaginable, just plug away!


Premium jQuery Notification Plugins

Now that we have seen most of the free and open-source stuff, it’s time we take a peek at what is available in the premium market, where developers are spending their time to create complex and versatile notification plugins for the use in web projects, applications; desktop and mobile. The prices for these are very reasonable, so definitely look into them as alternative options.

Notification Center 4 Notification Types JavaScript CodeCanyon

Notification Center is an established notification plugin that provides the choice of two different themes, light and dark. If you’re setting up for an application and dynamic interactions, then it’s possible to track the number of unread notifications within each individual category. You can choose to create the notifications with JavaScript or PHP. And because youc an store notifications in a separate file,  youc an automatically request for them from the server and then display it to the new users. The dashboard offers a way to create unlimited number of categories for the notifications you wish to create.


Metro Notifications JavaScript CodeCanyon

Metro design is the favorite amongst many. That is why the Metro Notifications plugin exists. This plugin package offers a way to create several types of notifications. These include standard alert boxes, popup notifications, and also interactive slide-in notifications that could be targeted at advertising markets. There’s also mobile support for touch sensitivity and swipe support.


Notification messages JavaScript CodeCanyon

jNotice lets you specify the ‘div’ that you wish to create as a notification, and then either use existing content, or add new one to create exciting popups that will keep your readers peeled to the screens. The demo displays an example of using jNotice to create notification boxes for registration and login forms; just one of the many uses that you will be able to use this plugin for.


FooBar A jQuery Notification Bar JavaScript CodeCanyon

FooBar is a neat and unobtrusive notification bar that sits at the top of the page that you can use to inform or announce specific info to site visitors. The collapsible bar is usable in unlimited scenarios, including displaying notifications, showing site announcements, product specials, competitions, giveaways, etc. Anything you can think of, really. With over 30 options, you can customize FooBar to look however you want. It helps you increase your social likes, followers etc., and promote your products and increase sales. It also helps with gaining more page views when used with the RSS feed options.


Flat Modern Notifications JavaScript CodeCanyon

Flat Modern Notifications is a jQuery premium notifications plugin library. It utilizes the FLAT design concept to let you build seven different types of notifications that use HTML5 markup and smooth CSS3 animations. Overall, will be of great aid for delivering modern and elegant looking notifications across different varieties and needs.


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