WordPress support, optimization and Website Monitoring*

We provide the best WordPress maintenance and WordPress support service to Web Design Agencies, Freelancers and Site Owners. Explore our support services and feel free to ask about any of our plans and strategies.

*not just WordPress

WPSensors is the definitive WordPress maintenance solution to your out-of-date WordPress installations, slow websites and downtime.

Explore our services and feel free to ask about any of our wordpress care plan and strategies.

WordPress Support

Don’t get caught between WordPress updates and outdated plugins. Make sure your site is always at it’s best.  Get our 24/7 wordpress website maintenance services and let us worry about it.

Optimization And Acceleration

Your website is running slower that is supposed to? Your GTmetrix score is lower than a B? Well, is time to take action, before you loose more visitors. Sign up for one of our wordpress maintenance plans.

Specialized Monitoring

Your server, website or webapp is crucial to your business. Don’t miss a single heartbeat of your operation. We will monitor your servers, websites, ports and services.

Want to know why is this important?

WordPress websites are not set-and-forget systems, you need give them time and attention.

WordPress problems

New WordPress versions can, sometimes, cause problems. Fortunately, it’s nothing we can not easily fix for you.

Outdated themes

Sometimes themes get abandoned by designers and break your site. If this happens, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Plugin problems

Plugin conflicts are common in WordPress, we can see which is not working well. We will take care of your plugins.

All else

Website not loading, broken images, lots of 404 errors? Then you need to look for help and repair your site.

Some facts about site owners

These numbers are based on customer surverys and technical knowledge about their websites, usage and maintenance.

Customers using WooCommerce59%
Customers actively posting content75%

Most of our customers are using their websites as a mean of business, their daily driver. As a result, they have to be on top of their sites administration, that takes a lot of time and effort, which in turn leaves less time to manage their business.

Customers that do not update their sites85%
Did not know if they had backups54%

Most of our customer do not have the technical skills required to update, backup and secure their websites, that's why some of them end up losing information or the use of their websites.

our purpose

We focus on your website, so you can focus on your content (news, products, etc.) and see an increasing revenue. Big, medium or small companies doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is understanding the whole picture and why accurate & fast maintenance is necessary.

Our Simple

Straight-Forward Pricing

Depending on what you need… We can acommodate

Small Business

Low traffic websites, information websites, corporate websites.





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Medium Scale

Popular blogs and websites, products and services, some e-commerce websites.





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High Maintenance

High volume of users, traffic and pages, large databases or very popular websites, blogs and stores.





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Want to know more?

WordPress support and maintenance

Be sure to visit our Plans and pricing page or the WordPress support page to learn more about the service.