YOOtheme Pro 2.5 – Introducing the WooCommerce Builder

Today’s the day WooCommerce users have been waiting for! YOOtheme Pro 2.5 adds the much anticipated WooCommerce Builder. Now you can not only design your shop with dedicated WooCommerce elements in the builder, but also load any product field into the existing YOOtheme Pro elements. This unique feature from YOOtheme Pro gives you endless possibilities for your shop. But that’s not all, besides WooCommerce we added advanced filtering for all custom sources and a new related posts field. Do I have your attention? Then let’s dive right in.

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0:00 Introduction
0:32 WooCommerce Elements
1:45 WooCommerce Sources
2:38 WooCommerce CSS
3:58 WooCommerce Settings
4:44 Balou and Tech Space Rebuilt with WooCommerce
5:14 Advanced Filtering for Custom Sources
5:43 Filter Custom Sources by User
5:57 Related Posts Field
6:34 Limit Templates by Language
6:46 What’s New Landing Screen
7:14 Menu Improvements
7:53 Socials Element
8:17 Sneaked into 2.4
9:18 Further Improvements
9:54 Next Steps


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