WordPress Security Tips for 2021 [ THE RIGHT WAY ]

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Getting hacked can be not only annoying but also dangerous for one’s reputation. So if you have a WordPress website, you’ve probably thought about WordPress security. As a responsible website owner or manager, you must take the necessary steps toward safeguarding your data. In this video, we go over all the most common vulnerabilities threatening WordPress security and then delineate the 6 essential steps you must take to avoid becoming an easy target. Ultimately, no matter how beautiful and fast a website is, it can all disappear in a second if you don’t also worry about WordPress security and regular backups.

Here are the links to the tools and software mentioned:
10Web https://10web.io/pricing/
Wordfence Security https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordfence/
Secure Password Generator https://passwordsgenerator.net/
Bitwarden https://bitwarden.com/
Here are the links to the blogs:

Preventing Most Common WordPress Security Issues: Part 1

Preventing Most Common WordPress Security Issues: Part 2

? Show notes ?

00:00 WordPress security intro
00:28 Can a WP website be fully secure?
00:59 Key WordPress vulnerabilities
01:18 Malware
01:55 Backdoors
02:10 “Pharma hacks”
02:45 Brute-force login attempts
03:12 Malicious redirects
03:29 Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
04:03 Denial of Service (DDos)
04:45 What can you do?
04:54 Hosting
06:34 Regular updates
07:16 Passwords
07:55 Securing admin domain
08:26 WordPress security plugins
08:58 Backups
09:47 Outro

The mission of our channel is to help agencies thrive by providing the best tips and most useful tools of the WordPress world. ? This video will help you learn more about common WP vulnerabilities and take the necessary steps to secure your WordPress website, safeguard your website visitors’ data, and earn their trust ?

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Which WordPress security plugin do you use now? Has your website ever been hacked? Let us know in the comments down below!

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