WordPress Plugin Authors: 9 Ways to Destroy Yourself & Your Customers

As a WordPress plugin developer, it is important to remain aware of secure coding best practices when producing a plugin that will be available for individuals to download and install on their WordPress site. Many WordPress site owners don’t have the time and/or experience to thoroughly investigate a plugin’s security prior to installing it on their site, therefore, they rely on trusting that the developer has done their due diligence to put a secure product out for download. In today’s episode, we are going to cover some of the most common security related coding flaws our team frequently finds that can introduce significant risks for your customers and your brands reputation, along with providing guidance on how to avoid these mistakes.
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0:00 Introduction
3:19 Swag Question
4:39 #1 Not adding Capability Checks on functions
11:58 #2 Not adding Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection
15:30 #3 Not Properly Validating File Uploads
21:45 #4 Allowing Deserialization of User-Supplied Input
25:19 #5 Not Sanitizing or Escaping User-Supplied Inputs
31:31 #6 Using Unprepared SQL Queries with User-Supplied Inputs
34:52 #7 Usage of PHP functions with User-Supplied Inputs
38:28 #8 Allowing Sensitive Information to be Disclosed
41:45 #9 Allowing insecure access/manipulation of Files
46:54 #10 Honorable Mentions
51:19 Swag Winners
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