WordPress Cloud Hosting [The ONLY Video You Need To Watch]

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If you wanna build a fast, reliable, secure, and well-designed website, consider going with WordPress cloud hosting. Modern and relatively inexpensive, cloud hosting is the optimal choice in 2021. We discuss all the major advantages it provides in this video. But even within this category, you have a big decision to make. We’ve compiled a list of the top three WordPress cloud hosting providers on the market to help you out. The importance of picking a good cloud hosting provider can’t be overestimated: The right hosting can not only massively increase your conversion rate but also take you all the way to the top of Google search.

Here are the links to all the providers on our list:
10Web https://10web.io/pricing/
Kinsta https://kinsta.com/plans/
WP Engine https://wpengine.com/plans/

00:00 Intro
00:44 What is WordPress Cloud Hosting?
01:15 How does Cloud Hosting work?
01:57 Who is WordPress Cloud Hosting best for?
02:32 Pros and Cons of WordPress Cloud Hosting
07:20 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Providers
07:25 10Web
09:39 Kinsta
11:11 WPEngine
12:44 Outro

The mission of our channel is to help agencies thrive by providing the best tips and most useful tools of the WordPress world. 👌 In this video, we go over all the pros and cons of cloud hosting and present the three best cloud hosting providers to help you choose the right one 😊

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