The Story Behind Our Company


here is no story.  It’s more like: let’s-create-a-new-company-using-what-we-know-now history, meaning, we created this company on 2018, putting together all our resources, our knowledge and our drive.

We decided that it was time to create a venture that we would feel happy about and, why not? fulfilled.  We are experts in WordPress, but not just download-install-publish, no… we can build a server for any purpose, create a site from nothing, design whatever we want and we know the ins and outs of our business.

So, while having a couple of beers and wings, discussing about our customers and their problems, we came to realize that we we’re missing something.  We were doing almost everything but for one thing, support tasks, servers and services monitoring, but in a way that could create an automated flow.

WPSensors is the main WordPress automated support system, from which we created also Signal, a service dedicated to server, services and uptime monitoring.

And then?  We created Digital Arrange LLC and from which we could launch a set of services (and companies), one of those called WPSensors.

The Right People

More like, it’s just us!  But we’re more than enough 😉

Ernesto Morales
Ernesto MoralesFounder
WordPress especialist, integrator, analyst and programmer.
Ernesto Morales founded in 2001 several companies such as: Digitalis, a website development company and, in 2002.
His specialty is the development of tools that allow his clients the easy administration of their sites or applications.
Nestor Aconcha
Nestor AconchaSupport Manager
Graphic Designer at heart, WordPress lover and overachiever. Nestor gives support to our platform, monitoring our customers, websites and plugin. He keeps everything updated and running smoothly. If it weren’t for his work, we would need an extra pair of hands.

Feeling the energy?

Not yet?  How about letting us know what you need and what your WordPress problem is, we’ll help you out.