Unplugging the Internet, Diversity, Cyber NTSB, & Best Practices – PSW #695

This week in the Security News: Is the cyber NTSB a good thing?, Russian virtual keyboard for the win, information should be free, hang on while I unplug the Internet, security MUST be taken seriously, poison the water hole to poison the water, bombing hackers, how industry best practices have failed us?, publishing exploits is still a good thing regardless of what the studies say, and more!

Time Stamps:

7:07 – Our cybersecurity ‘industry best practices’ keep allowing breaches
12:39 – CISA: Disconnect Internet for 3-5 Days to Evict SolarWinds Hackers From Network
23:50 – Publishing exploits early doesn’t encourage patching or help defense, data shows
30:20 – Scans for Vulnerable Exchange Servers Started 5 Minutes After Disclosure of Flaws
37:42 – Watering Hole Attack Was Used to Target Florida Water Utilities
41:42 – Wind River’s enhancements deliver cybersecurity and anti-tamper protection
48:31 – Biden calls for $22 billion in cyber security funding
52:27 – The Establishment of a Cyber Safety Review Board
1:08:28 – Why Is There a Lack of Women in Cyber?

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