Top 10 Best IT Security Certifications for WordPress

Are you a WordPress user looking to strengthen your security skills? If so, today’s Wordfence Live is for you!

We’re often asked which certifications are helpful for WordPress users, developers, or WP site maintenance managers. There are a lot of different certification options available, which can make a decision of where to get started confusing.

Chloe Chamberland and Ram Gall, two of our Threat Analysts, will be covering the best security certifications, how to get them, and why it’s important to have them. They’ll even cover some insights about assessment preparation, and how you can use your certifications to better secure your WordPress sites. They’ll also talk about how your security certifications are a helpful tool to demonstrate expertise to prospective clients, or even employers.

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0:00 Introduction
2:59 SWAG Question: What does CISSP stand for?
3:34 Why are Certifications Important to Security Professionals/IT Professionals?
8:02 Certifying Bodies
18:40 Community Support
23:00 Entry-level Certs are Often the Hardest
25:33 A Toolset for Everyone’s Belt: Security+ or SSCP
27:00 What does Security+ cover? Study Tips
35:33 What does SSCP Cover? Study Tips
39:05 Next Level: PenTest+ and CySA+
42:39 What does PenTest+ cover? Study Tips
48:00 What does CySA+ cover? Study Tips
48:45 Advanced: CASP+ or CISSP
51:40 SWAG Answer: Certified Information Systems Security Professional
54:00 Specialty/Extra Challenging: OSCP, OSWE, eWPT, eWPTx
1:02:35 SWAG Winners
1:03:47 Wordfence is Hiring!
1:04:35 K12 Site Cleaning Program
1:05:05 Wordfence Mailing List