Remove WordPress malware and fixes website bug

What is word Press malware?
Malware rears its head in many ugly forms. By definition, it is any program or software that was designed with the intent to cause harm to a server, network, device, or website. The term malware is a shorthand way of saying malicious software, which perfectly described what it is. Usually, malware results in diminished performance across every aspect of your site. Any types of malicious software can grant a hacker access to your website, where they can use it for a host of unsavory purposes.

What does malware do?
Malware can crack weak passwords, bore into systems, and spread through networks. Other types of malware can lock up important files, spam you with ads, or redirect you to malicious websites. Malware attacks can result in anything from data theft to the destruction of entire systems or devices.
Malware is at the root of most cyberattacks, including the large-scale data breaches that lead to widespread identity theft and fraud. Hackers aim malware attacks against individuals, companies, and even governments.
Malware is a broad category, with different forms of malware impacting devices and systems in various ways. Let’s examine some of the most common forms of malware.