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You are a professional person and you want to build your personal portfolio website? This video will help you to build one using a portfolio WordPress theme free. Yes, 100% FREE. This video will also help you know How to use Elementor WordPress to build a free website on your own. Please visit: 👉

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In this “Portfolio WordPress Theme Free” video, you will learn how you can easily create your Personal Portfolio Website using our free personal portfolio WordPress theme. Try our premium quality Best Portfolio WordPress theme and Elementor WordPress custom addon to create your online portfolio in no time.

Managing a WordPress website is simple and if you don’t know how to use Elementor WordPress. Don’t worry, we have covered everything that you need to maintain your website.

So, why do we use free WordPress themes? On that note, I have to say, even it is free, but it is a high-quality portfolio WordPress theme, full of features and customization options. we put hours to make the design as catchy and user-friendly as possible. And our secret is attention to detail.

Now, you may say, personal portfolio website templates or Portfolio WordPress Theme free? There’s might be some catch with this. But there isn’t. There is no catch, no trial period, no expiration date, nothing, this is truly a 100% FREE portfolio WordPress Theme.

The keyword “Portfolio WordPress theme free” and “How to use Elementor WordPress” are certainly something that interests you and other people so we made this video about this topic and giving you the best portfolio WordPress theme to create your personal portfolio website design.

We put our best effort to make this WordPress tutorial for beginners very easy. And we explained every point with proper instruction in a very easy language. So that you can follow us while watching the video. And, make your free WordPress website right away.

We used one of the best page builders Elementor page builder WordPress for this website. So, customization is much more flexible and you will know How to use Elementor WordPress easily. Only your imagination is the limit.

So, we hope you will like our effort, make your personal portfolio website using our “Pikme” portfolio WordPress theme free in no time. And, attract more potential clients on a larger scale to grow your business.

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0:00 – Intro
0:49 – WordPress Theme & Installation
1:47 – Change the site name and tag name.
2:33 – Change the favicon.
» From Pikme option,
3:14 – Upload logo
3:54 – Put copyright text
4:08 – Edit social media links
4:21 – Change colors
4:57 – Go to edit mood
6:30 – Edit the menus on the top
» Edit sections,
9:39 – Hero section
11:19 – About
14:14 – Qualification
16:10 – Skill
17:28 – Service
19:00 – Counter
19:38 – Publication
22:38 – Process
24:50 – Price
26:47 – Blog
27:20 – CTA
28:04 – Contact
29:47 – End

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