Can you imagine eating greasy hamburgers made of beef and filled with antibiotics and hormones for your entire life? We bet you can’t. Organic food and healthy lifestyle, being modern society’s obsession, are slowly conquering our world. Conventional fruits and vegetables together with superfoods such as quinoa, chia seeds, and acai berries are driving out disgusting fast food. So nowadays, there is a vast variety of organic food restaurants, shops, and delivery services. However, there is one thing most of them lack – a nice and neat Organic WordPress theme. That is why we gathered some pretty cool WordPress themes which are perfectly great for your organic food website.

Make profits from being organic

So for those organic food lovers who would like to share their experience of eating great food with the world and make some money out of it (that means opening an organic-related business), we have a huge variety of website templates perfect for any kind of business you want to start. Whether your dream is opening a fancy organic restaurant, running an organic food delivery service, or maybe simply having your own website where you can share your recipes of healthy meals, you will definitely find the perfect template here.

Store functionality of our templates will give you an opportunity to create a platform for selling your organic goods. Moreover, most of the templates have one-click installation options, which make them super easy to install on your own. If that wasn’t enough, the installation process takes only a few minutes — then you can start selling organic food through your perfectly designed website. You can always change your website’s look using a built-in customizer or admin panel, so do not hesitate to try all the options.

So if you already have an idea of a great startup connected with organic food or healthy lifestyle (and even if you don’t), you can’t miss these 8 Organic Food WordPress Themes.

#1 Fructesh


Bright, fancy, and professional are the three words that characterize Fructesh WordPress Elementor theme. This template is perfect for an online organic food delivery service and will definitely attract more customers. Its strong functionality will allow you to customize your website according to your own vision.

Moreover, Fructesh offers powerful Jet plugins, which are extremely crucial if you want to create your content with the Elementor page builder. First, the JetElements plugin will allow you to make useful widgets for any purpose. Second, the JetMenu plugin will give you an opportunity to have a stunning mega menu. Third, if you want to add some dynamic details to your website, leave it to the JetBlog plugin. And last but not least, the JetThemeCore plugin will allow you to insert pre-made blocks in just a couple of clicks with no coding involved. Starting your organic food business with the Fructesh WordPress theme is your key to success.

#2 Nutritia

Nutritia - healthy nutrition and dietology WordPress Theme


Nutritia WordPress Theme is the very theme you would want to have for your healthy nutrition website. So let us receive to know with this template. Nutritia WordPress Theme has a simple yet stunning visual page builder that will help you make versatile page layouts even if you don’t have any coding skills. Moreover, buying this very theme will allow you to receive free lifetime updates. The theme is built with Bootstrap framework which makes it mobile and ultra responsive, meaning it will work perfectly on any device. If you need any kind of assistance while installing the theme, their top-class support team will be more than glad to provide it.

#3 Cauliflower

Cauliflower - Organic Food Blog Elementor WordPress Theme


Indeed, the cauliflower is a healthy vegetable, but Cauliflower WordPress Theme is extremely healthy and beneficial for your business. Cauliflower is the perfect theme for a website about healthy nutrition and cooking. Designed in light colors, it creates healthy vibes for your website. The theme includes various features that will make your website flawlessly work on any device. Moreover, it has been provided with Jet Elements and Jet Blog plugins that will enable your website to have a large functionalities and even a blog section.

#4 EcoDetox

EcoDetox - Healthy Food Blog Elementor WordPress Theme


Elegant and stylish, EcoDetox Theme is a great choice for a website about healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and diets. This theme is provided with the Jet plugins bundle that, together with the Elementor page builder, will allow you to create a stunning blog website in no time. JetThemeCore will offer you a vast variety of pre-made sections and ready-made pages. Also, the JetBlog plugin, with its great features (Smart List, Smart Tiles), will provide you with a fancy blog layout. And if you want to add some cool animations, just use the JetTricks plugin. Amaze your audience right away with the EcoDetox Theme.

#5 Plantables

Vegetarian Restaurant WordPress Theme


Plantables is obviously perfect for a vegetarian restaurant official website. Modern, stylish, and flawless, this theme will attract both vegetarians and meat lovers to your website. Booking and ordering buttons on the home page will definitely entice your potential customers to buy your food. It goes without saying that you can always customize the website according to your needs using the WordPress Live Customizer. Furthermore, the Power Page Builder will allow you to install the website by yourself and save money on a coder. So do not hesitate to open your vegetarian restaurant with this stunning theme.

#6 Greeny’s

Greeny's - Healthy Fashion Elementor WordPress Theme


“Simply elegant” is what everybody says when they see Greeny’s WordPress Theme. Greeny’s is the perfect choice for a blog about natural cosmetics and beauty. This baby is built with the Elementor page builder, perfect for creating your blog. If that wasn’t enough, the theme works on all devices without any loss of quality. The perk of buying this very theme is the whole bunch of images aimed on various business topics. And of course, Jet Elements and Jet Blog plugins are included. So buy this theme now and start your lovely beauty blog.

#7 Viva Veggie

Viva Veggie - Cafe & Restaurant WordPress Theme


Viva Veggie is a simply beautiful theme perfect for a vegetarian restaurant. Designed in light colors, it will draw attention mainly to your restaurant’s meals. The theme offers everything you need for a good restaurant website, including an intuitive page builder, OpenTable, custom form reservations, and many other useful features. Elegant design, creative graphics, unique styles, and many useful options of the Viva Veggie theme altogether make it a very powerful tool for attracting more customers.

#8 Vegetexia

Vegetarian Meals WordPress Theme


Vegetexia is perfect for both blogs and businesses. The neat style of the theme draws users’ attention to your content. Vegetexia is provided with the WordPress Live Customizer which allows average users to install the theme on their own. It has a license under GPL v3.0, which means that it can be installed on unlimited websites. Furthermore, Vegetexia is fully responsive and can work properly on various devices. Don’t be afraid to start your new web project with Vegetexia. Do it right now! If you have any troubles with installing the theme on your own, just contact their 24/7 support team for free.

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