[NB] 16 Most Common WordPress Mistakes to avoid!

In this video I’m going to show you 16 most common WordPress mistakes to avoid. I hope you’re not making any of those but if you do then now it is time to fix them.

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00:00 Overview
00:16 Wrong WordPress theme
03:08 Not removing unused WordPress themes
03:37 Staging site is indexed by search engines
04:12 Live site site is not indexed by search engines
04:43 Wrong permalink structure
05:24 Obsessing about SEO scores
08:05 Not redirecting old URL-s
08:58 Not setting up backups
09:53 Not removing unused plugins
11:06 Not optimizing your images
13:14 Not removing demo content
14:14 Not using a security plugin
14:31 Ignoring updates
15:40 Weak usernames and/or password
16:29 Using a default (or no) site icon
17:12 Not setting up GZip compression and browser caching


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