I will remove wordpress malware removal clean malware fix 1

I will fix and recover hacked wordpress website and remove malware


Service includes:

Investigation: Why the problem occurred.
Restoration: Putting it back the way it was.
Prevention: Fixing the underlying problem.
Why me VS The Rest ?

I’m the only themeforest/mojo approved author here and I adhere to strictest code security protocols.

WordPress is a Great CMS System and also the most popular but every now and then hackers can infect your website and gain access to your hosting environment, to help you protect from this I’ll fix your hacked WordPress Website and deploy a safety net for preventing future attacks on your website.

What this gig includes:

Removal of all Threats and Back-doors from WordPress.
Block all malware from exploiting plugins.
Malicious code detection and removal.
Re-direct malware removal
Defaced website restore
Getting the website un-suspended
I’ll also find & remove plugins and theme vulnerabilities including base64 code and invalid javascript.

I can also get your sites cleared from blacklists even if your site has been blacklisted by Google (Google’s red screen of death), Norton or any other company.

I provide 100% Money back guarantee or a free fix if your site gets reinfected.

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