How to Use the ChemiCloud's Free Malware Scanner & Removal Tool

At ChemiCloud, we’re always working to provide our customers with the latest in Web Hosting Technology, whether it helps their site be faster or more secure, we want our customers to have the best. That’s why we have introduced a new Malware Scanner & Removal tool that will save our customers time and money when it comes to fighting the ever-growing threat that is malware.

The Malware Scanner & Removal Tool is an application that we have added into your cPanel which allows you to scan your web hosting account for files that may be infected with Malware. These infections commonly infect PHP files or scripts which are key to the normal functioning of a CMS, such as Drupal, Joomla, or WordPress.

Overall, the tool is a comprehensive security application and utilizes highly tailored and integrated components for web server security.

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