How to stop Viruses and Scam links on your Discord Server!

Update: Crosslink restricted some features to premium only which is sad.

You’ve heard the news from me and plenty of other YouTubers about the number of scams and viruses that plague discord daily. Using a bot called Crosslink, you can stop any suspicious links from being shown on your discord server. This makes your discord server a lot more safe and will save your discord members from falling for these scams. Keep in mind that this doesn’t carry over to DMs.

So, Crosslink scans attachments and links to determine the contents of the link and will automatically act upon it. If the link is a discord invite, crosslink can automatically delete it. If the link is a virus, Crosslink can automatically delete it and ban the user that sent it. Crosslink can be configured however you want! Keep in mind there will be some false positives so make sure to setup the logs 🙂

Crosslink Bot:

Discord Server:

00:00 – Inviting the bot
00:44 – Server Setup
09:58 – Channel/Role Setup
11:03 – Link/Server Whitelist

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