How to Secure Your WordPress Website

Securing your WordPress site is critical. Join us for our last Wordfence Live where our CEO, Mark Maunder, our Threat Analyst, Ram Gall, and our Customer Support Engineer, Scott Miller discuss how to secure your website using Wordfence.

We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about our free plugin, as well as all of our premium features, including: The Real-Time IP Blocking, Real-Time Firewall Rule & Malware Signature updates, Premium Support, and Country Blocking.
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The Wordfence Learning Center has all you need to brush up on WordPress security and more:
Wordfence is the most popular choice of WordPress professionals for WordPress security. We have a number of security tutorials on our YouTube channel, including Wordfence tutorials. Wordfence security plugin is the number one choice in WordPress security plugins.
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0:00 Introduction
0:21 Ram’s Musical Introduction
2:35 The Final Swag Question
3:28 Installing Wordfence
5:24 Optimizing the WAF
7:24 Login Security – 2FA
8:26 Brute Force Protection
11:06 Rate Limiting
12:56 Live Traffic
14:06 Upgrading to Premium
16:33 Real-time firewall rules
18:21 Real-time signatures
19:49 Real-time IP blocklist
21:44 Support
23:19 Country blocking
25:18 SWAG Winners
27:30 Thanks to the Premium Customers
29:10 Ram’s Musical Outro


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