How to Secure your WordPress Site in 2021 ?️ [Tips + SiteGround Security Plugin Demo]

Learn how to keep your WordPress site safe as a non-technical site with Cal Evans – WordPress wizard and WordPress Security expert. In this video, he will guide you through the process to lock down your website; keep your things up to date to avoid security threats, prepare you for the unfortunate event of a compromised website and dive in how the free SiteGround Security Plugin can help you making most of these steps seamless.

? You can download the SiteGround Security plugin for free below ?

SiteGround Security

00:00 Introduction
01:39 What means locking down your website
03:44 List of actions to lock down your site
25:39 How to keep things updated on your website
34:00 What to do when it’s not enough
37:13 SiteGround Security plugin features
42:53 SiteGround Security plugin demo
46:14 Two-Factor Authentication set up demo
48:45 Wrap Up


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