How To Remove Unused CSS In WordPress – WordPress Remove Unused CSS Tutorial 2021 Remove Unused CSS

When it comes to removing Unused CSS in WordPress you have two options. You can attempt to use an automatic tree shaker such as that in WPRocket, or you can manually clean up plugin files using something like Perfmatters.

You will not be able to fully remove all unused CSS your goal is to reduce it as much as you can by cleaning up plugins, loading them in a conditional manner while maintaining a good user experience. Tree Shaking tools can cause styles to go missing, such as missing icons missing transitions, hover effects, and more. But they will be incredibly easy to set up and if they work they will reduce your total amount of CSS more so than manually cleaning it up.

I do not recommend deleting content from files by hand or using the CSS audit in google chrome. This can easily break pages across your site and make it impossible for you to run updates.

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