How to properly remove “Deceptive Site Ahead” – WordPress 2021

We have simplified this tricky issue by giving you all the steps in this video. To remove the deceptive site ahead warning, we’ll first scan, detect & remove the malware on our site.

Then we’ll have to submit a review request at Google Search Console to delete the notice. In 1-3 days, Google will remove the deceptive site ahead warning if they find the malicious code has been removed.

In this video, we will be covering what exactly leads to a deceptive site ahead warning, how we can fix deceptive site ahead warning & how we can prevent deceptive site ahead warning from plaguing our website in the future.
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Usually, a deceptive website warning comes with other concerns as well, such as your web host suspending your hosting account and Google Ads suspending your Ad Account. Here are some blogs to help you fix those:

Web host account suspended:
Google ad account suspended:

Your life can be a lot easier if you just install MalCare. You get many amazing features that automatically connect to your website and handle your entire website security. Here is a link to a free scan:

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0:00 – Opener
0:34 – What is ”Deceptive site ahead” warning ?
1:20 – Types of ”Deceptive site ahead” warning.
3:11 – How to remove a “deceptive site ahead” warning?
3:26 – Assess the Damage Done to Your Website.
4:28 – Remove the Malware.
4:57 – How to clean Your website with a WordPress Security Plugin?
6:20 – How to clean your website manually?
6:25 – Cleaning a Hacked Website
6:56 – Scan files on the server for malicious executable code
7:52 – Look for Malicious String Patterns in the WordPress Core Files
8:39 – Clean Hacked Database Tables
9:24 – Remove Backdoors Embedded in Your Website
10:00 – Submit A Review Request to Google for Warning Removal
11:35 – Prevent Deceptive Site Warnings and Future attacks
12:31 – Conclusion
13:16 – Bloopers


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