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A complete guide for WordPress newbies to learn how to install a WordPress theme. This guide describes the way of installing various WordPress themes from TemplateMonster marketplace. It will help you get prepared for the actual installation of the theme you select.

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Desicat – IT Solution And Business Services WordPress Theme by Themex

Anxiet – Doctor, Medical and Healthcare WordPress Theme by Themex

?Key moments:
0:00 Introduction
01:12 Unzipping the downloaded template package
01:37 Template package structure
01:52 Accessing Documentation
03:18 Uploading zip file with the theme
04:39 Installing plugins bundled with the theme
06:03 Activating plugins bundled with the theme
07:57 Performing sample data installation (predefined data)
10:44 Setting up path to sample data files manually (for particular templates)
15:51 Following post sample data installation instructions
16:32 Setting up permalinks
16:52 Setting up Home and Blog pages
17:58 Setting up Menus
19:43 Accessing WordPress with fully set sample data
20:09 Hello world post is explained
21:21 Finishing installation of the template with manually defined sample data
23:32 Accessing a second template with fully set sample data
24:09 Conclusion
26:10 Where to buy WordPress themes?

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