How to Increase Your WordPress Security | Firewall, Detect Malware, Stop Brute Force Attacks.

How to increase your website security with a few plugins and some knowledge of what people can use to gai entry into your WordPress site.

We go through how to stop your Brute Force attacks and prevent them with a free firewall plugin.
How to hide the back end of your site and change your URL slug so that people cant log in using wp-admin.
– How to check for malware on your WordPress site.
– How to limit login attempts from sepperate ip’s.
– How to disable your wp-config.php file.
– How to block IP’s from visiting your site.
– How to disable your XML-RPC API.

Plugins we will be using:
– WordFence Security
– Disable XML-RPC_API
– I Themes Security (Formally known as WP- Security)

You can also find the written guide on:

Best WordPress Security Plugins To Increase Security

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WordFence Plugin

I Themes Security

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