How To Create A Blog Website On WordPress 2021 ?

(Video Guide) How To Make A Blog Website 2021
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00:00 – Intro
01:21 – Get Hosting & Domain
03:34 – Install WordPress
06:34 – Build Blog Website
10:59 – Plugins
15:34 – Posts Section
24:52 – Add Categories
27:44 – WordPress Blocks
32:48 – Add Menu
38:15 – Edit Sidebar
40:28 – More Customization

If there is one thing true with the internet age, it’s how prevalent writing has gotten. Not only in the traditional sense with journalism or a novelist, but with blogging as well. In short, it’s straightforward for just about anyone to make a blog of their own, making it such a rewarding experience to see people read your blog.

Still, like any other subject, it can seem confusing on how to write a blog and, more specifically, how to make a blog website 2021 style. After all, the internet is exceptionally dense when it comes to tutorials in this particular field. With this in mind, we’re going to discuss a few key details you’ll need to know about making a blog in 2021.

Obviously, this article would be endless if we discussed everything tied to blogs. We’ll do our best to highlight what a blog is, website builders versus WordPress, web hosting, how much a blog costs, and much more. By the end of it, you’ll have a solid list of information to analyze for blogging. Nevertheless, let’s take a look!

What is a Blog?

Before diving into the specifics associated with a blog, let’s go over precisely what a blog is. For those who don’t know, a blog is defined as a regularly updated website that’s written in an informal or conversational style way. Some blogs are much more professional than others, but a blog is what you make of it.

The most significant advantage of a blog is that it can be about anything. So, if you’re a sports fan and want to have a blog about the New York Yankees, you can do that! If you hope to be the next most prominent music critic, you can have a blog about music. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to blogging.

What is a Website Builder?

Usually when people get interested in making a blog of their own, they get introduced to a website builder before anything else. After all, website builders are top-rated and have the buying power to show off their platforms. There are pros and cons to using a website builder; the most significant advantage is their ease of use.

A website builder essentially walks you through all of the steps attached to making a site, plus you won’t need a web host or anything additional besides their platform. However, on the negative side of things, a website builder is extremely limited and not as valuable as a WordPress blog.

What is WordPress?

For those who don’t know, WordPress is an entirely open-source content management software. It’s an excellent platform that most websites utilize, making it an exceptionally sought-after software for people to download. To actually download WordPress, go to to make an account and download away. is WordPress’s version of a website builder, meaning you won’t have to download and install any software nor have to worry about a web host. However, as you can expect, this route doesn’t have as many customization options as, so definitely go with getting a web host and installing WordPress for your blog.

Choosing a Web Host

The hardest part of installing WordPress and using it as the basis for your site is choosing a web host. Try this.

For those that don’t know, a web host grants your website access to the world wide web, making it possible for just about anyone to go onto your site. It also walks you through the process of installing WordPress onto your site. Nevertheless, some of the most popular web hosting options include HostGator, SiteGround, GoDaddy, and Bluehost.

How Much Does a Blog Cost?

The most common reason people are scared to begin a blog is the fear that it’ll cost them a fortune. Although there are some costs tied to blogs, realize these costs are very minimal. You shouldn’t worry too much in this regard, since you could technically make a blog for free. As for moderate to more expensive blogs, expect to spend around $40 to $100 initially.

General Costs

● Web Host or Site Builder ($2.99 to $40 or more a month) (Some site builders are free)
● Domain (Free to $20 or more a year)
● Theme (Free to $50 or more)
● Plugins (Free to $10 or more)

Choosing a Theme and Adding Content

Now that you know a blog won’t cost you a fortune, the other part you’ll have to worry about has to do with choosing a theme for your blog. WordPress has themes right on the WordPress dashboard for you to install, but you can also download themes for theme marketplaces.

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