In this episode, John James Jacoby and I discuss an article published by Vox on how Slack is not improving productivity, especially in large team environments. We highlight what’s new in WordPress 5.2.1, why libraries are important to the communities they serve, and new security features in WordPress 5.2. At the end of the show, we send a shoutout and good wishes to Marcel Bootsman who has begun his walk to WordCamp EU.

Stories Discussed:

WordPress 5.2.1 Released

The Productivity Pit: How Slack Is Ruining Work

Marcel Bootsman begins his walk to WCEU

WordPress 5.2 Improves the Security of Automatic Updates

Loveland Public Library to Host Free Beginners WordPress Class Online May 22, 2019


EPISODE 353 – Slack of Boundaries and A Walk to WCEU Transcript

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