Cyber Threat Workshop – Summer Camp Series – ABC's of Threat Intelligence

In this Cyber Threat Workshop, we will explore the common sources for threat intelligence and how to assemble investigation artifacts and digital forensics with hands-on exercises with RiskIQ Illuminate® Internet Intelligence Platform:

Our team of security experts will show how to leverage internet telemetry and intelligent graphing to pinpoint relationships within the global attack surface to understand the extent of a vulnerability or the composition or threat actor tooling pointed at your organization.

Use cases:
WordPress Vulnerability 3.7 and 5.7.1
Anatomy of a phishing attack
Review ongoing phishing attacks against a popular company
How to proactively protect your organization against phishing attacks
Scaling investigations with the use of API queries

Class will show the following:
Internet Graphing and History
Introduction to datasets
Infrastructure Chaining and Pivoting
Threat and Adversary Mapping
See an organization’s attack surface for relevant threats and exposures
Identify risks and vulnerabilities
Uncover suspected cyber attacks
Track and expand defenses globally
Research context and intelligence related to active security alerts
Identify adversaries by finding fingerprints and threat indicators
Explore third-party attack surfaces for an extended scope of threats
Find and eliminate global scale attacks and zero-day vulnerabilities