CTF Walkthrough with John Hammond

John Hammond demonstrates a CTF walkthrough and also explains the tools and techniques he uses to be more efficient.

0:00 ⏩ This stuff helps in your real world job
1:16 ⏩ Introduction
1:48 ⏩ picoCTF site
2:36 ⏩ Labs can be accessed at any time
3:12 ⏩ picoCTF labs
3:33 ⏩ First CTF walkthrough
3:57 ⏩ Favourite distro
4:07 ⏩ Linux natively or in a VM?
4:29 ⏩ First CTF solution
5:50 ⏩ Second CTF
9:51 ⏩ Skills that John recommends you get
12:12 ⏩ Linux and then Python and then CTFs
12:57 ⏩ Ubuntu vs Kali vs Parrot OS etc
14:04 ⏩ Kali in VM?
14:46 ⏩ What about writing reports or e-mail?
15:50 ⏩ Which application do you recommend?
17:05 ⏩ Do you dump knowledge into something?
18:38 ⏩ How do you manage all the data collected?
20:16 ⏩ Don’t just do it and forget what you have done
21:10 ⏩ CTFs vs Real World
21:54 ⏩ Base64 and ideas
24:17 ⏩ John’s VBscript example
25:58 ⏩ Second CTF solution
26:40 ⏩ CTFs vs Bug Bounty vs Real World

Previous video: https://youtu.be/u4u6ob13s2c

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