CookieYes – Make your Website GDPR and CCPA Compliant with 1 Click

Making your website GDPR-compliant can be tough enough, but also making sure it’s CCPA compliant and making sure you’re up-to-date each month is very time-consuming.

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Via CookieYes you can automate all of this. With one click, you can scan your entire website to find all the cookies.With their script tag, you can insert the GDPR Cookie Consent banner. Following the GDPR compliance, you can be sure your website is always following the latest EU regulations.

If you are using WordPress, then with their cookie consent WordPress plugin, you can get started easily in a few minutes.

00:00 Introduction to CookieYes
00:33 CookieYes Features
10:15 CookieYes Pricing
11:14 Alternatives to CookieYes
11:38 Future of CookieYes
12:21 Target Group of CookieYes
12:46 Pros & Cons of CookieYes
13:11 My experience using CookieYes

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