Recently Google has shared an interesting stat in one of its recent events, that more than 50% of the internet traffic comes from the mobile devices. People tend to turn on to their phones instantly if they need to know or see something. Because of such increased use in mobile devices Google has silently included your site mobile performance in its ranking factors. Some of the templates support AMP also known as Google’s Accelerated Mobile Page, which performs faster on mobile devices.

AMP is an emerging technology there is still a lot to be developed. But hey it is Google, so the developments are rapid and it is gaining momentum in a positive way. But AMP is a scaled down version of HTML5 and CSS, so the full potential of your site is restricted. When you choose mobile responsive website templates you have both responsive site and performance. If you are a beginner or on a tight budget you can opt for the free responsive website templates. Saying that following are the best free responsive website templates that adapt to any screen size automatically.

Divi (WordPress)

Divi is a flexible and responsive tool for building just about any and every website you want. With an enormous collection of over one hundred predefined website packs, you can speed up the process drastically. You can even use the sample exactly as is and have a page all set up and ready to go in just a few clicks. Of course, Divi also comes integrated with a powerful builder which allows you to edit, improve and fine-tune the layout to your likings precisely. No need to stick to the default settings. Bear in mind, no need to do the coding work with Divi either.

Divi is also 100% mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible, in tune with retina screens, fast loading and SEO-friendly. Take your business or project to a whole new level with a top of the line website, which will impress and amazing every user. You will achieve dope results without the need to hire a coder nor a designer, as you can make a page yourself with Divi.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

Jevelin is another spectacular, all-around and flexible website building tool. With a collection of over thirty samples, tons of layouts and many more components, receive things rolling immediately. In the modern era, we live in, you do not need to start from scratch anymore, as there are powerful tools available to receive you going in little to no time. One such solution is Jevelin. In the vast bundle of goodies, you will find nothing missing regardless of the page you would like to craft.

Some of the extras include over forty custom-made shortcodes, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, one-click install and mega menu. You also receive video tutorials, comprehensive documentation and access to the support team in case of any additional questions and concerns. Jevelin offers you to approach building a first-class website with confidence, even if it is your first one.

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Coach Free Template

Caches, speakers, heck even trainers, can now profit from the amazing and free responsive website template, Coach. This site canvas comes with a minimal and creative design that will showcase all your content in the best possible way. Of course, Coach works flawlessly out of the box. In addition to that, you can also brand and personalize it, so it follows your directions to a T.

To your luck, you now do not need to start building a website for a coach or a speaker from zero. Use a predefined and flexible template instead and make an immediate difference.

Some of the cool amenities of Coach contain typewriter effect, multi-level drop-down menu, sticky navigation, slider, gallery and testimonials. And if you would like to start a blog and give back to the community through insightful content, you can do that, too.

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Doyoga Free Template

As the name suggests, Doyoga is a free and responsive website template for yogis and yoga studios. If you are in the process of starting your own business, sort things out on the internet with Doyoga. As far as the web design goes, Doyoga takes care of it all to the very last detail. From header to footer and all the rest in between, Doyoga sports every must-have section, element and component. Keep in mind, Doyoga also has a one-page website structure.

Full-screen banner, class schedule, events, categorized gallery, working contact form and social media buttons are all the different treats of Doyoga. If you are ready to shine on the internet with a top-notch website, Doyoga will receive the ball rolling swiftly. There are no hidden charges when it comes to Doyoga, so hit that download button now and put it into play now.

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Applab Free Template

When pushing a mobile app on the world wide web, create a striking landing page and make a presentation like none out there. Thanks to Applab, you can now speed things up and enjoy the end product like a pro from the receive-go. This free responsive website template sports all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web. In short, the performance of your app landing page will be impressive regardless of the device and browser they use.

Awesome animations, pricing plans, user reviews, various predefined elements and an active contact form are all the goodies that you gain access to. If you are ready to invest in content marketing, you can do that, too, with the integrated blog section. Make it pop online with Applab and establish a download-driven page.

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Lifeleck Free Template

Lifeleck is a free responsive website template particularly crafted for all the lifestyle bloggers out there. Or if you are starting a new project, let Lifeleck be the foundation of your online space and make it known. Thanks to its stylishness, simplicity and creativity, you will have no trouble sparking interest in everyone who visits your page. One thing is for sure, the blog you are about to bring into being with Lifeleck will surely be very appealing to the eye.

Some of the goodies contain sticky navbar, drop-down menu, social media icons, newsletter subscription form, Instagram-ready feed and various other elements to implement into the web design. Lifeleck also does not miss a contact page with a working form and Google Maps. Start sharing your story with the world like a pro from the very beginning and take your idea to new heights.

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Europa Free Template

Europa is an impressive free responsive website template for hotels, resorts and spas. In fact, regardless of the accommodation business, you operate, you can win the online space with Europa. The tool is based on Bootstrap Framework, guaranteeing remarkable performance on all devices and platforms. Europa is easy to use, too, so everyone gets the most out of it without a hassle. And if you are ready to go the extra mile, you can also style the default look with your branding directions.

Along with the ready-to-use home page, Europa also contains other necessary internal pages, like rooms, services and about. With Europa, you can also start writing a blog and show your customer the exact location of your place with Google Maps. They can even receive in touch with you via the integrated and functional contact form.

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Loans2go Free Template

Loans2go – hence the name – is a free responsive website template for loans and financing. You can put this tool into play for creating a landing page for your marketing campaign. With the design all set and ready to rock and roll, you can save yourself all the hassle of starting from zero. And if you fancy the design as is, feel free to use Loans2go out of the box. Just change the texts, add custom contents and voila, Loans2go is all set with your information.

Thanks to the Bootstrap Framework structure, Loans2go is also 100% responsive and flexible. Your page will run smoothly on handheld and desktop devices, as well as modern web browsers. From slider and different forms to drop-down menu and call-to-actions, you will find it all and then some.

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Cargo Free Template

Cargo is a sophisticated free responsive website template for transportation and logistics companies. If you need to receive a page sorted out for this same objective, you better not miss checking out Cargo. With the up-to-the-minute look, you can expect Cargo to fit your style and branding regulations without a hitch. Also, thanks to the easiness of use, everyone can enjoy the amazingness that Cargo brings to the table right away.

Some of the specialties, you can expect, are sticky navigation, multi-level drop-down menu, hover effects, animated statistics and pricing plans. Keep in mind, due to the fact of how Cargo is structured, you can use it for building a one-page website. You shouldn’t really be overthinking, just download the site canvas now and witness the superb outcome swiftly.

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Gourmet Free Template

Gourmet is a tasty, delicious and mouthwatering free responsive website template for restaurant and food business owners. Instead of solely relying on word of mouth, let your page bit your online ambassador, taking your restaurant business to new successes with outstanding web design. Get everyone familiar with what they can expect when visiting your spot by salivating their mouth with jaw-dropping food imagery. Also, share your food and drinks menu and even offer them to book a table using an online form.

Keep things simple and to the point with the A-class Gourmet free template and blow everyone away. Lots of premium-like features, testimonials slider, on scroll content load, massive slideshow above the fold, call-to-action buttons, you name it, Gourmet rocks it all and then some. You can also start a food blog and use it for content marketing to bring in even more customers.

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Wemeet Free Template

WeMeet is a modern free responsive website template for events, meetups and conferences. If you are setting up such a page, you better consider using WeMeet and all the perks it comes with. The layout is 100% mobile-ready, so it works smoothly on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Of course, it is also in tune with all modern web browsers and retina screens for an extraordinary experience every time.

If you are ready to spark the interest of potential attendees, do it in style and fashion with WeMeet. Even if using it out of the box, you already increase your potential through the roof. In addition to that, you can also step things up by branding the web design according to your liking. That said, dive all in, grab WeMeet now and make an immediate difference.

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Edumark Free Template

Edumark, as the name suggests, is a free responsive website template that suits education and online courses best. It is a striking solution that will help you sort out your web presence sooner rather than later. With the page design all set and ready to go, you can now kick off your project sooner rather than later. Let’s face it, you do not have to start the project from the ground up anymore; let Edumark do the magic and help you enter the world wide web with a bang.

Some of the goodies of Edumark include sticky navigation, drop-down menu, filterable courses portfolio and testimonials slider. Other goodies include blog pages, beautiful course details section, Google Maps and a working contact form. With the creative and stunning design, you guarantee yourself a strong and memorable first impression. Win over new students and grow your online learning platform to new heights.

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Sunshine Free Template

Sunshine is one of the best free responsive website templates for weddings and everything else nuptials-related. It is a bright, light and very appealing to the eye tool that will receive you going right away. Sunshine sports all the necessary and then some to cover all sections of a website for an always smooth and exciting experience. As a couple, you can now build your wedding website and surprise all your loved ones with something different.

In the package of goodies, you will find everything from gallery and countdown timer to wedding schedule and even an RSVP form. Not to mention, Google Maps are also integrated into the design for you to display the exact location of the event. Without further ado, take charge, download the free template now and start the process of realizing the best wedding page once and for all.

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Feliciano Free Template

Feliciano is a magnificent free responsive website template for restaurants and other food businesses. If you are looking for a way to bring your business to the online space and expand your reach, make a website with the remarkable Feliciano. While the tool might not cost you a single penny, the outcome will be just incredible. With premium-like features and functions, Feliciano is a modern, top-notch site canvas which will make a difference. First and foremost, there is a full-screen slider that welcomes everyone to your world of deliciousness. Use it strategically and you will win them over without trouble.

Other cool amenities of Feliciano are on scroll content load, sticky menu, animated statistics, food menu, parallax effect and testimonials slider. Ther is also an online reservation form so everyone can book a table right away. Last but not least, Feliciano also sports Google Maps for you to put on display the exact location of your restaurant.

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Aspiration Free Template

If you are starting a charity organization or you would just like to refresh your existing page’s look, Aspiration is the free responsive website template for you. No need to look elsewhere as this is the site skin that will do the trick undoubtedly. Aspiration is readily available for you to put it into play in just a click. It costs you nothing, yet you can establish a website that will inspire. Feel free to use the layout exactly as is or improve it further, according to your branding regulations.

Aspiration follows all the modern trends and regulations of the modern web. It is a Bootstrap Framework template, offering complete responsiveness and flexibility. Also, Aspiration is cross-browser compatible and retina screen-friendly. Share all the information necessary about the causes you would like to push, invite more donors and make the world a better place.

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Booke Free Template

Needless to say, Booke is a free responsive website template for selling and promoting books online. With its inspiring web design, you will have a breeze sparking their interest and winning them over. Booke is here to receive you going on the web sooner rather than later. At least when it comes to the web design, you need not worry about it anymore. It is all there, at your fingertips, working out of the box like a dream. Of course, you can fine-tune and alter the default look of Booke according to your taste or just stick to it as is. Whatever works for you, Booke ensures a stunning final product.

In the bundle of goodies, you receive sticky header, image slider for showcasing your upcoming book release, hover effects, about the author section and testimonials. You can also offer everyone to receive in touch with you directly by filling out the included working contact form. Make the book(s) popular with Booke.

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Plataforma Free Template

For conferences, meetups, forums and all sorts of other gatherings, Plataforma is a fine tool to go with. This free responsive website template provides all the necessary to sort out the design of your website. Make it special and exclusive and start your journey to success like a champ from the receive-go. Boost your potential through the roof and welcome even more attendees to your event or conference. If you are ready to distance yourself from the competition and stand out from the masses, do the right thing with Plataforma.

In the Plataforma kit, you will find countdown timer, conference schedule, gallery, testimonials, pricing tables and a special section for conference speakers. You can also capture their emails with the newsletter form and share more about the topic your event will cover via the blog section. There is a lot you can do in regards to succeeding with your upcoming gathering, thanks to a well-thought-out website.

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divisima free template

Divisima is a great and easy to use free responsive website template for eCommerce websites. Whether you would like to sell apparel, accessories, bags, jewelry, shoes, furniture or any other goods, this is the tool that does the trick. It follows all the latest web and tech practices to make sure your website runs smoothly at all times. Divisima seamlessly adapts to any device, retina screens and web browsers thanks to its responsiveness and flexibility.

Some of the features and traits of Divisima are slider with call-to-action buttons, numerous internal pages, contact form and Google Maps. You can also link your website to all your social media accounts and increase your potential even further. All of a sudden, setting up the necessary online store becomes a lot easier when you access the amazing world of Divisima.

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homespace free template

Homespace is a free responsive website template that works with real estate agencies and realtors best. It is a versatile and flexible page canvas that you can utilize as is or tweak it according to your branding regulations. No matter the approach you take, Homespace guarantees a spectacular outcome that will push your properties amongst those in need. With a compelling online presence, you can receive potential clients familiar with your homes and help them find the one that suits their needs.

The template has a modern and attention-grabbing slideshow, loads all its content on scroll and spices up the experience with parallax effect. You will also find an advanced search function, multi-level drop-down menu, blog and contact page. What you just noticed is that Homespace truly has a wide selection of pre-built material for you to employ.

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Photographer Free Template

You do not really need much introduction when it comes to Photographer. This free responsive website template is perfect for both amateur and professional photographers. If you are looking to expand your reach and build an online portfolio, let Photographer help you out on your journey. It is a modern, creative and curiosity-sparking solution that will receive you going in no time. At least when it comes to the design of a website, Photographer has your sorted out in full.

Awesome features of Photographer make sure the end product appears an outstanding photography website. From awesome grid slider, progress bars and social media icons to three different styles of filterable portfolios and other nifty elements and layouts, Photographer sports it all for your convenience. A contact section with Google Maps and a working form is also part of this site canvas.

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Industry Inc

Industryinc Free Template

Industry Inc is a striking free responsive website template for industrial companies. With the clean, flawless and modern look, Industry Inc makes sure your online presence is of the highest degree. Instead of starting from ground zero, you can benefit greatly from the use of Industry Inc. Although the template might be free of charge, the outcome will still be first-class. And if you need proof, head over to the live preview page and let your jaws drop.

Some of the amenities include full-width slider, call-to-action buttons, drop-down menu, testimonials and video support. You can also strategically implement the added blog section for content marketing and bring in even more business deals. Also, everyone can check your location via Google Maps and receive in touch with you through the functional contact form. Make a professional web appearance with Industry Inc and shine online.

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Hotel Free Template

For everyone in the accommodation business, Hotel is the free responsive website template that takes care of your dope web space. It is a full-blown HTML template that you can put into play right away. The tool costs nothing, yet the outcome will be very premium-like. Moreover, you can easily use this site canvas exactly as is, however, you can improve it with your branding regulations, too. One thing is for sure, with Hotel, you will definitely create a strong and memorable first impression.

Along with the home page, Hotel also comes with several additional inner layouts for you to mix and match. Room pages, news section, availability form, testimonials, you name it, it is all at your disposal. Nowadays, you can start on the web with a ready-made layout and win the day without a hassle. Get your hands on Hotel and create a wonderful website speedily.

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yogalax free template

As a passionate yogi, there is a good chance you already wondered what would be the best option to share your knowledge with the world. If you are starting your own yoga studio or plan to do one-on-one classes, share your services and expertness with a striking and flexible website. Yogalax is the free responsive website template that offers you a marvelous web design that will spark curiosity in everyone who visits your page.

Yogalax is light and divine, engaging visitors with a cool typewriter effect. Other goodies of Yogalax are on scroll content load, pricing plans, testimonials, parallax effect, animated statistics and blog. Use the latter for content marketing, share yoga and other health-related tips and increase your reach. Contact page with a working form and Google Maps is also part of the deal.

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Sonar is a spectacular free responsive website template for all sorts of creative needs. While it comes ideal for photographers, you can easily alter the tool to go with other artistic needs. In short, if you need to build a portfolio page, Sonar is your best bet. It has all the necessary available for you to utilize and bring your project to the new level. From a stunning and enticing front page to all the must-have internal sections, Sonar has the content pre-built for you.

What’s more, Sonar also practices all the latest technologies and regulations to make sure it works seamlessly on all devices and platforms. Whether they come from a handheld device or a laptop, Sonar will always display content in the most stunning and attention-grabbing way. But first, make sure to check the live preview page and be impressed by its remarkable design.

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Riddle free template

If clean and minimal with a strong attention to content is something you are looking for, check out Riddle. This free responsive website template has a full-screen layout best for online portfolios. It focuses on large images to push your works and projects to a new degree and spark their interest for a higher potential of picking you over the competition. Show your creativity and professionalism in an attractive way, and you are on the right path to success.

Home page of Riddle is definitely the one that will receive the most attention. While it keeps things very simple, it is still the location of your website that everyone will enjoy the most. It rocks a big and minimalistic filterable portfolio which you can use to display your latest creations. Moreover, Riddle also has other inner pages for about, work and contact. The latter also has a live, nifty contact form ready for action.

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Sierra free template

For tech and software startups that are in search to sort out their web spaces, Sierra is the tool that will do you well. It is clean, neat and tidy, ready to present your content on the web with a bang. It is a responsive website template that smoothly adapts to all devices, from mobile phones and all the way to tablets and desktop computers. Its fluid layout instantly reshapes while still keeping all the stuff on your page intact, ready for them to further examine.

Full-width slider, sticky and transparent navigation, Instagram widget and newsletter subscription box are just a few of the assets Sierra brings to the table. There are also fully functional front and internal pages, contact form, Google Maps and a complete blogging section. Use the later for content marketing and boost your brand.

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Conference free template

Hence the name, Conference is a website template best for events, meetings, forums, conferences and the like. Just as straightforward Conference is with its name so it is with the web design it sports. Full-screen banner with text and countdown timer welcomes every visitor. They can even take immediate action by purchasing tickets using the call-to-action button located in the navbar. No scrolling needed if they want to save their sit and not miss the opportunity.

However, for all the rest, this free responsive website template is packed with all the sections that you require to receive them introduced to your world further. Add a promotional video, tell who the speakers are, showcase schedule and advertise pricing tables and plans. By the way, Conference has a one-page layout so they can learn all about you in a matter of scrolls.

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Saas free template

For a software as a service business, SaaS is the right free responsive website template. Get your brand out there and promote your product in a distinctive and professional way. Avoid building the entire page all on your own when SaaS has the stuff predefined and ready for you to utilize and take to your advantage. With its single-page web design, SaaS ensures you to list down all the details that you need to bring forward on one page. No more clicking back and forth and jumping from page to page.

Moreover, SaaS is cross-browser compatible and retina-ready, appearing on all devices smoothly and efficiently. Spread your name out there and attract a horde of potential new users to your software. Build customer loyalty with testimonials and even start a blog to use for both personalization and content marketing. With little work, you can achieve insane results.

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Arcade free template

Architects and construction businesses, if you would like to look even more professional than you already are, Arcade is the way to go. This top-notch cutting-edge free responsive website template is equipped with some truly impressive features and assets. You will barely notice it is actually a free tool once you start examining the live preview page in great detail.

That’s not even all.

While Arcade is extraordinary in its own way (read out of the box), you can still enhance and improve it with your individual touch. Original slideshow, social media icons, neat hover effects, brands slider and a categorized portfolio are a few of the goods you receive with Arcade. Of course, it is also packed with a working contact form, Google Maps and a tidy services page which will serve as a great canvas to let folks know what you excel at.

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Classic free template

All sorts of businesses, like consulting, finances and other whatnot, can have their pages up and live in a few with Classic. You read that correctly. Not only is Classic simple and straightforward to use, it is also loaded with the amazingness that will receive your name in front of a wider audience. Either on a local or global scale, Classic is down for any challenge. In other words, you can localize or globalize the tool, translating it into different languages easily.

Classic is a free responsive website template with a full-screen banner, call-to-action buttons, loads content on scroll and displays your work with a filterable portfolio. The overall look of Classic is very neat and tidy not to distract your readers at all. Instead, they will always have an exciting experience skimming through your website and learning all the fun facts about you.

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Appy free landing page template

Appy is a free responsive website template based on Bootstrap Framework what ensures flexibility and extendability. In other words, your page founded on Appy will work on all devices without a hitch. What’s more, Appy is also compatible with all modern web browsers to always deliver the same incredible experience. It does not matter if it is a web, desktop or mobile app, you are building, Appy is ready and set to advertise all of them.

With its beautiful and attractive full-screen and single-page layout, Appy sparks everyone’s curiosity. While they can take action and download the application upon your site’s load, they can educate themselves about your product further down the page. The content you are willing to market will load on scroll for an even smoother contact with what you do. It is all there, at your fingertips, ready for you to use your artistic mind to bring Appy and your app to a new level.

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Cocoon free template

Cocoon might be ideal for your photo projects but not limited to. That said, everyone in the creative field can use Cocoon and craft themselves a solid online portfolio page. Cocoon has a somewhat original concept that looks different compared to what you are used to seeing on a day-to-day basis. It has a sidebar navigation and an original look that guarantees an increase in the probability of visitors staying at your web space for longer.

Unique home page design and categorization along with other internal sections are at your disposal upon downloading Cocoon. This free responsive website template is out of this world and ready to receive you rolling in the internet world. If you are looking for something a tad different, you should most certainly not miss Cocoon. You are closer than ever to realizing that much-needed website you were postponing building all until now.

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Creative Agency 2

Agency free agency website template

When it comes to Creative Agency 2, there is almost no need to say any additional words of introduction. With all the goodies the kit comes with, you can feel safe and secure that you are about to bring to reality one hell of a page with great functionality. Creative Agency 2 is a free responsive website template with a one-page layout, parallax effect and sticky navigation. A massive banner introduces every guest to your space and gets them intrigued to learn more about your services.

Hence its name, Creative Agency 2 is best for agencies doing all sorts of different creative work. However, even if you do not entirely fall in this category, Creative Agency 2 is versatile enough to adapt to your requirements with zero complexity. Make it your own, enrich it with your individual touch and hit the world wide web with a high-standards following web space.

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Fashe is an e-commerce responsive website template. It is a clean looking modern website template. Both on the big screen and on the mobile devices this template looks awesome. The Fashe is an astute website template which adapts itself and its web elements according to the available screen size.

The transition effects and the visual effects of this templates looks simple. The animation effects are also scaled for the mobile devices so that it performs well in the small screen devices also. This template also provides you options to integrate your Instagram pics into the template easily. The Fashe template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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Typo is a creative responsive website template. The exhilarating color combinations and the boxed width design makes this template a unique choice. This template is the best option for landing pages, professional sites, and personal sites.

The template by default uses the hamburger style navigation menu option so that it can perform uniformly on both the big screens and mobile devices. It is a multi-page website template which helps you to say more about your services in detail to the users. Typo follows HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. With this template, you receive custom icons that fit well in the template, clean content blocks, and colorful feature section.

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ColoShop is also a responsive website template for the e-commerce sites. It is a full-width website template so that you have ample space to display all your products neatly. Since it is a mobile responsive website template all the web elements are optimized for the small screen devices. Hence all your products can be seen clearly in this template.

This template also gives you features to add colorful labels to the product to help you indicate offers. You also receive a countdown sales option to improve your sales on a particular product. ColoShop also provides you carousels, cart pages, and neat custom icons. In the header section have a big static image with bold texts and a call to action button.

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Boxus is a responsive website template for creative agencies. It is a one-page website template to elegantly display your services and products on one page. This template follows an unconventional style design layout, which makes this template a unique from the crowd.

Boxus follows modish color combinations throughout the template to make it more trendy for the present generation. It is an interactive website template, the most notable point is the color of the menu changes according to the section color. Speaking of the menu, this template follows the traditional top bar navigation menu but in a creative style. In the small screen devices the menu bar changes to a center navigation bar, which is an intuitive design.

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Susan is an app landing page website template. This template can also be used as a one-page website template. The template uses serene visual effects for the web elements. Since it is a mobile app landing page you receive all the necessary web elements to present software and mobile applications elegantly.

With this template, you receive carousels, neat hover effects and accordions. It is a colorful website template, you can use your brand color in this template to make the template more brandable. The pricing table is designed like a transparent glass, its intuitive design handles the numbers and the texts well. By default, this template uses a normal top bar navigation menu, which changes to a hamburger style menu option in the mobile devices.

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Colid is a cool professional looking website template. This template never feels like a free website template. It is packed with premium quality stuff and is a well-coded website template. Colid uses the HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. You do receive some eyebrow-raising visual effects here and there in the template.

Primarily it is an app based website template, but it can be used for any type of corporate websites. Especially the companies interested in making a one-page website can use this template. The custom made line vector to depict your services and features look great on this template. If you have the resource you can convert this well-coded template into a WordPress theme.

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Bizpro is a perfect responsive site for agencies, companies and personal portfolios. You receive all the necessary features and the segments you normally need in a professional site. Since it is a one-page website template the homepage is designed perfectly, even minute details are given attention in the development.

The idea of keeping this template simple and clean makes the usage of the template like a breeze. Each content blocks and media blocks are developed smartly so that it can perform in all types of screens. Since Bizpro is a mobile friendly website template the CSS works of this template are done with a great care to make this a flexible website template.

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The Maze is a feminish style website template. This is a responsive website template is primarily a personal website template. But the overall design layout makes Maze a perfect choice for photography website template.

By default, this template uses hamburger style website template to give an unwavering user experience to the user irrespective of their screen size. In the header section, you have a static image with big bold text to give an intro about you. You also receive a masonry style gallery with this template. Maze uses HTML5, CSS3, and bootstrap framework.

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CA App Landing


CA App Landing, as the name implies it is a one-page app landing website template. With cool color gradients and custom icons, this template can also be used as a corporate website template.

Out of the box, this template helps you to integrate video into the template easily. This template also focuses on the lead capturing, in the header section you receive an option to gather email address and at the top bar, you have the signup option. The combination of pink icons and violet texts looks great. In this template, you receive features like carousels, neat animation effects and a pricing plan. CA App landing uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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Pato is a restaurant style responsive website template. It is a feature-rich website template you receive a long homepage to elegantly display your food and give an interactive overview of your hotel.

With the full-width website template, you have plenty of space to elegantly display your foods. In the header section, you have big image slider with a call to action and cool transition effects. Each segment on the homepage is separated by a clean white background and textured finish. The segmentations are done intuitively so that they form a logical order in the small screen devices. Pato has multiple pages to help you describe more about the foods and your hotel.

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Five Star


Five Star is a creative style responsive website template for artists and creative peoples. It is a clean looking high-quality website template. This is a full-width website template which handles the screen space efficiently. To give an uninterrupted experience to the user this template uses hamburger style navigation menu option. In the mobile devices also the user receive the hamburger style navigation menu so that your user receive a uniform experience throughout any devices.

This template provides you big header image, text sliders, and custom icons. This template also supports video embedding. Five star uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. This template is best for portfolios, personal site and for creative agencies to have a modern looking simple site.

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Glint is a creative website template for creative agencies and creative people. If you want to use a premium quality website template with all top-notch features for free, then you should try Glint website template.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Each segment in the homepage is separated by light and dark color. The use of solid green color as the primary color for this template is a pre-eminent choice, it looks great in both light and dark areas of the template. With this template, you receive parallax scrolling, animated counters and a grid style gallery section. It is also a one-page website template and follows hamburger style navigation menu.

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IlleneBerg is a cool looking personal style responsive website template. This template uses modish colors which looks great in this template. It follows a modern design layout with some unique interfaces.

It is a one-page website template, you can display all your services and works elegantly to the user. The advantage of using a one-page website template is user can know more about you without navigating to different pages. You also can concentrate on only the most important things to you. This template also by default uses hamburger style navigation menu, so you won’t be having any difference in mobile interface. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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Creative Agency


Creative agency, as the name implies this template primarily focuses on agencies. So you receive all the professional website elements and layout designs that fit for business class websites. Creative Agency includes blog pages pre-designed for you so that you can start the website immediately as soon as you entered your website contents.

In the header section, you have a big static image which also acts as a parallax scrolling as you scroll down on the website. The content blocks are designed smartly so that they can handle the texts and other contents well even in small screen devices. With this template, you receive neat custom icons, pricing tables, and smooth scrolling effects.

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Top Builder


Top Builder is a construction website template. If you are looking for a responsive template for your construction website Top Builder will be the best choice. Once you installed this template you will never feel this as a free template. It is a feature packed website template with neat corporate style design layout so that you can use this template for other professional sites as well.

On the clean white background, the bright yellow colored web elements easily manage to receive visitors attention. You receive custom icons and neat content blocks with this template. Speaking of the content blocks, they perform well on the big screen as well as on the mobile devices. On the small screen devices, the content blocks arrange in the logical order so that the user can receive more out of your website easily.

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Yummy is a food website template. This responsive website template helps you to display your delicious foods elegantly even on the small screen devices. You can easily make the visitor Bon appetite from their handheld devices itself.

The neatly designed content blocks handle both the images and the texts. In this template, more preference is given to the images. The white background and light colored web elements help you to boost and show the vibrant colored food images. Yummy can be used as food blog template or as a normal blog template.

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Suppablog is a modern personal and blog website template. This template helps you to improve your personal branding. This template completelyrevolves around the author of the image. With the split screen website layout design you have ample space for the contents and also to promote yourself.

In the small screen devices the layout changes to a normal horizontal scrolling with your image as the header image. This template follows the left sidebar navigation menu, which remains same in the small screen devices also. The hover effects are also done uniquely in the template, which gives a bokeh effect to the background texts and focuses only on the hovered text. Overall a neatly designed website template for both the small screen devices and big screens.

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What’s Your Favorite?

So these are the best free responsive website templates. To help you receive even better idea certain niche type categories are also listed here. But all these templates have a professional design so that you can use the templates for multipurpose use also. What’s your favorite mobile responsive website template? Let us know in the comment section below.

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