5 of the Best WooCommerce Plugins (Most Are Free)

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To make your WooCommerce site as profitable as possible, you need to optimize every step of your eCommerce funnel. While there are a ton of ways you can do that, extensions should absolutely be a part of the process.

In this video, I’m going to recommend my top five for turning your WooCommerce store into a well-oiled eCommerce machine. Most of these are free or close to free.


00:00 – Supercharge Your WooCommerce Store with These 5 Apps
00:55 – Number 1: Dominate for Optimizing Your Checkout
01:32 – Number 2: Yoast for Increasing Your Traffic
02:19 – Number 3: Yotpo for Customer Reviews
03:11 – Number 4: MailChimp for Email Marketing
04:05 – Number 5: Elementor for Easy Design Implementation

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