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Here is the Top 5 WordPress Security you Should Follow to secure your WordPress site and protect your data. WordPress sites dominate the net. Just over 40% of all websites originate from their software. However, the website security for WordPress leaves much to be desired. NordVPN is here to show you how to secure your website with just a few simple tips. It’s quick, easy, and your internet security will benefit massively.

In this video, you will find:

00:00 Intro
00:27 5 Cybersecurity tips to secure your WordPress website
00:32 Protect your users’ data
01:13 Habitually back up your website
01:34 Make sure your software is up to date
01:56 Use a strong password
02:22 Look after your content

These security tips are here to help you create a safer space for yourself and whoever visits your site. A secure WordPress site needs a few things to guarantee user safety, and NordVPN is here to help you.

You need to have checks in place that will minimize any potential damage from a cyber attack, while protecting your users’ data. Back up your website regularly, make sure the admin password is a strong one, and keep all your software up to date. Follow these simple steps, and your WordPress site will be secure than most others.

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