To showcase your logo, you amazing creatives or a catchy quote, use these paper bag mockup templates. When you go to a brick and mortar, a grocery store or a bakery around the corner, they will, very likely, handle you a bag.

Let’s face it, without a bag, all will be flying around, and we would receive nowhere. Today, you can create your very own paper bag with your very own design on it. And if you work with a client, this will be a fantastic way of demonstrating them the idea you have for the bag.

Sure, you can rock a blank bag, but why not investing a small amount of time and money and create a branded alternative? This way, you can use your bag as marketing material. After all, with striking design, everyone will spot the bag a customer caries from a distance. Spark their interest and receive them intrigued to give you a visit. Or maybe seeing the bag calls for a reminder that they actually need to go to the store.

While you can execute the creation of a paper bag by sending your design directly to a print shop, we advise you to introduce one more step so all works out exactly how you envision. And that, my friends, is to use a paper bag mockup.

Play around with different variations and possibilities and see what is achievable right off the bat. Thanks to the mockup template, you will experience a photo-realistic presentation that will wow everyone.

Two Paper Bags Mockup

Let’s kick things off with not one but two paper bag mockups, standing tall on a solid surface. With two bags, all it means is that you can add two designs to them. For instance, you can create both the front and the back design and have this mockup present it realistically.
Moreover, you can also change the color of the bags and the background. In just a few quick clicks, you can entirely change the default look of the template and make it follow your branding regulations precisely. Quick and effortless process for a remarkable result.

Paper Bag Template Standing on a Wooden Cafe Table

paper bag template lying on a wooden cafe table

If you would like to keep things as realistically as possible, I bet this mockup will do the trick. It features a young lady at a restaurant, outdoors, enjoying her frappé, with a paper bag standing on the wooden table. You see, I told you a bag could be a small banner that owners like to put on display. With easy inclusion of your design, you can easily test things out for yourself. And if you would like to change the raw color of the bag, you can do that, too, by selecting the preferred shade from the color picker.

Paper Bag Mockup Template

paper bag mockup template

Keep things simple and clean, while still remain the life-like demonstration of a paper bag design. Instead of wondering how to make things happen, choose a mockup and all the rest becomes history. Over on the fantastic Placeit platform, the method of editing the mockup is a child’s play. You just upload your design, crop and reposition it, alter the color and you are done. On top of that, you can also add a text overlay to share a call-to-action or any other message. In just a few clicks, you can now have a killer outcome ready to roll and impress your audience or client.

Takeaway Coffee Cup and Paper Bag Mockup

takeaway coffee cup and paper bag mockup

A combo of a takeaway coffee and food is something millions of people around the world order daily. If you are a restaurant or a fast-food stand, a branded coffee cup and a paper bag are essential. That said, here is a magnificent mockup that you can take to your advantage right off the bat. It allows you to edit both the coffee cup and the paper bag. Along with adding two individual designs to each item, you can also alter the color of the bag and the cup holder. Make it exclusive and shine with a striking and creative realization that will capture everyone’s interest.

Woman Carrying Two Paper Shopping Bags

woman carrying two paper shopping bags

Do you plan to go shopping any time soon? If fashion and clothing are particularly on your mind, this paper bag mockup will come handy. It features a lady who just came out from her favorite designer store, carrying two paper bags. Both the small and the large version are customizable with colors and your custom designs. You can add each image via the upload button and have it appear on the bag with just a click. Little do you know, just a minute or so passes, and you have a full-blown presentation ready to roll.

Top Shot Mockup of a Paper Bag

top shot mockup of a paper bag

For a simple and minimalistic approach to displaying your paper bag design, here is a mockup for you. It puts all the emphasis on the bag and your magnificent artwork or logo. What’s also special about the mockup is the option to create a three-colored surface. Along with altering the background, you can also change the color of the bag to any tint you fancy. Last but not least, slide in your striking design, add some text, and that’s all the work that needs to be done. For your information, you do all the editing and customizing in the browser.

Paper Bag Template Hanging From a Wooden Chair

paper bag template hanging from a wooden chair

As you see, we bring you all sorts of different paper bag mockup styles and alternatives. Have in mind, all the mockups that are on Placeit, you can freely edit on the platform itself. You only leave the website once you are done with the task, and you hit the download button. This particular template is super speedy to work with. Go ahead and upload your design and see it appear on the hanging bag instantaneously. Also, if you like the raw color, this one is perfect for you. Lastly, enrich the presentation with additional text and enjoy the end product.

Mockup of a Young Woman Holding a Shopping Bag

mockup of a young woman holding a shopping bag

A woman, a bag and a gift, what else you need? With a photo-realistic presentation, you can amaze and impress everyone. From your clients to your fans and customers, everyone will enjoy your fresh design. As for you, a paper bag mockup also works great to gain new inspiration. Not just that, but you can also test out how the design you came up with will work on the physical version of the bag. That said, head over to Placeit, change the color of the bag, append your design, and you are good to go. The whole technique is just as simple as it sounds.

White Paper Bag with Window Mockup

white paper bag with window mockup

If you are looking exclusively for a paper bag mockup with a window, we have a few variations for you. These are great for cookies, pasta, flour, you name it. It is a guarantee that the presentation of your bag design will be of the highest quality. The template features two bags with windows, both editable and modifiable to the very last detail. The file is fully layered and well-commented, so you will have a small breeze using it. You can also turn on and off both shadows and reflections. Last but not least, alter the background, too, and make it your way completely.

Paper Bag with Window Mockup

paper bag with window mockup

As mentioned earlier, we bring you another paper bag with window mockup. This one sports all three sides except the bottom for you to edit however you fancy. Thanks to the simplicity and organization, you can cater the mockup to your needs quickly and effortlessly. You slide in your designs via the smart object layer and have it appear on the item in a click. Moreover, the mockup is also fully layered so you can easily fine-tune each element separately. Needless to say, changing colors is a possibility, too. Make the bag practice branding regulations to a T and offer your client a photo-realistic presentation.

Black Paper Bag Mockup

black paper bag mockup

If color black is your cup of tea, this is the paper bag mockup that you should consider using. It is a guarantee that the outcome will be a striking and remarkable presentation of your design. With a mockup like this one, you can edit everything and enrich it with your branding. From the color of the side of the bag and the background to appending any design you fancy.
Moreover, the bag also comes with a label which you can, indeed, fine-tune, too. Like that would not be enough, you can also hide (or show) shadows. Finally, you receive a help file as well, so the whole process feels natural to your right away.

Tea Packet Mockup

tea packet mockup

For the most part, tea is packed in paper bags and boxes. If you are in the process of designing the former, you can receive things moving forward with this PSD template and make an immediate difference. The bag comes in a bunch of different positionings, which allow you to sort out both the front and the back design. As for adding your design, it all happens in Adobe Photoshop via the smart object layer. It is no secret that enriching the mockup with your creatives will be a piece of cake. Make the demonstration as life-like as possible in just a few clicks.

4 Paper Bag Mockups

4 paper bag mockups

Before you realize a product, it is first advisable to test things out with a mockup. This way, you receive a better understanding of how the final product could and will look. Instead of doing it all yourself, you simply pick the paper bag mockup that suits your taste best and go from there. This set of goodies offers your four different templates, which you can alter tot he very last detail. You can customize all sides; front, back and bottom part of the paper bag swiftly. Do not forget to introduce a killer background, too. Establish a presentation that will make everyone’s jaw drop.

Baguette Paper Window Bag Packaging Mockup

baguette paper bag mockup

If running a bakery or a grocery store, chances are, you would want to sport custom paper bags. When looking to demonstrate a paper bag with a window for a baguette, you came to the right place. This mockup treats you to two PSD layouts that easily handle your creativity. You can modify both the outside and the inside of the bag, show or hide the window and the actual baguette and add a custom background. You can leave the latter as is since it beautifully emphasizes the actual paper bag for others to enjoy. As for the baguette, you can also replace it with your custom content easily (just make it follow the right dimensions).

Paper Bag PSD Mockup

paper bag psd mockup

A simplistic and effortless to use paper bag mockup on a wooden surface. For a quick presentation fix, you can take this template to your total advantage and shine with a photo-realistic demonstration sooner rather than later. Of course, this mockup might be a more niche-oriented one, as it is not entirely editable to the last detail. Still, to add your creative, all you need is to find the smart object layer and drag and drop it. That is exactly how simple and quick the method is, making sure everyone gets the most out of the mockup without a sweat.

Modern Paper Bag Mockups

modern paper bag mockups

Make the presentation of a paper bag creative, professional and sophisticated with this remarkable mockup. It is straightforward at first glance, however, the possibilities are very many. In other words, the mockup guarantees a killer outcome that will spark everyone’s curiosity in a snap of a finger. The layout is 100% editable for you to brand it and modify it accordingly. You can change the color of the bag, the background and the handle and append your design via the smart object layer. In conclusion, the mockup is very easy to use, yet the final product will be of the highest degree.

Photo-realistic free paper bag mockup templates

High-quality Paper Bag PSD Mockup

free high quality paper bag psd mockup

What you can also do when it comes to presenting your paper bag designs is to use a free mockup. Here are a few alternatives that do not cost you a dime, yet the outcome will still be first-class. With the winter-ish vibes of the template, you can establish a stunning and life-like presentation that will amaze everyone seeing it. The mockup features a lady carrying a paper bag while waking down a snow path. With the inclusion of your design, you can quickly enrich the presentation of the mockup and make it your own. It is a tool perfect for creating a brandable bag in a life-like appearance.

Customizable Sober Designed Paper Bag Mockup

free paper bag mockup psd

Instead of relying on plastic bags, step things up and offer a paper version. This also shows that you care about the environment. Moreover, by putting your innovative and remarkable design to the paper bag, you can grab the attention of more random folks. When a customer carries a bag with a catchy design, you know everyone will spot it. A bag is not just for storing stuff, but you can also use it for a clever marketing strategy. Thanks to a paper bag mockup, you can try out all sorts of different possibilities before you send it out for print.

Stitched Paper Bag Mockup

stitched paper bag mockup

For everyone who is particularly looking for a stitched paper bag mockup, well, here is one you can take to your advantage. First and foremost, the template costs you nothing. And second, you can easily enrich it with your designs and creatives, making it follow your requirements exactly. The dimension of the template is 3000 x 2250 px, making sure the outcome is as high-quality as possible. Enter the world of editing by importing the PSD file to Photoshop, search for smart objects and drag and drop your artwork or logo. Execute the realization of a presentation speedily and make a difference.

Stitched Paper Bag PSD Mockup

stitched paper bag psd mockup

Just in case you might be in need of more stiched paper bag mockups, we bring you another clean and minimalistic alternative. You can now put it into play in just a click, and you do not even need to pull out your wallet. It is a PSD mockup that requires very little work to complete the project, especially with the design ready. When working with a client, showcase them your idea with a photo-realistic presentation and capture their attention in a snap. You can also come up with a bunch of exclusive variations that will simplify picking the winner.

Realistic Paper Bag PSD Mockup

realistic paper bag psd mockup

Creating a life-like demonstration of your designs is a piece of cake nowadays. All you need is a mockup and all the rest becomes history. For paper bags specifically, here is a wonderful, enticing and interest-sparing solution that you should not miss checking out. Moreover, the tool is also very manageable to employ, as it only requires a few clicks to edit it. Even if it is free and does not require much work, the outcome will still be an attractive solution that will boost your potential through the roof. If you are ready to take charge, making it happen now and enjoy the result.

Paper Bag Mockup Free PSD

paper bag mockup free psd

Bakeries and coffee shops will absolutely love this next paper bag mockup. The specialty of the template is all the amazing details that it comes with. Donuts, croissants and a cup of coffee decorate the mockup. Have in mind, you can freely move around each item and create a fully customized variation. Moreover, the paper bag is also editable with colors and designs and the addition of the wooden background/table makes the overall appearance that more special. The mockup is organized and layered, making sure you have a small breeze using and modifying it. Refine the look according to your taste and have the outcome ready in no time.

Lady Carrying Paper Bag Mockup

lady carrying paper bag mockup

With a paper bag mockup like this one, you can make things happen pretty damn quick, and the outcome will be nothing short of spectacular. While you can use the mockup for an assortment of different intentions, it still works best for clothing, shoes and apparel stores. Like any other PSD mockup that you find on this list, this one comes with the smart object layer, too. It is a layer that simplifies the process of adding your design to the paper bag. Customize and fine-tune the look, brand it, enrich it with your signature style and see the magic happen.

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