Having a solid brand is important for all types of small and large businesses. But what exactly does it do for a business? 

A solid branding helps a business stand out from the competition. A brand gets recognition and a competitive edge over others. A company can do its branding through various items, like stationery products, banners, boards, and other advertisements. Sometimes designing a perfect item for branding can require time and a high-level of expertise. But those days are gone now. With a perfect mockup, you can design a branding item even without having expert knowledge about designing. A branding mockup has a pre-designed layout. All you need to do is put your own branding design elements on it, hit save, and it is done. 

Are you intrigued to find such a branding mockup? Your search ends here. In today’s post, the discussion will be about 20 awesome branding mockups that can help you do your branding with ease.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about these.

Logo Mockup Branding Bundle

This bundle comes with 100 pre-made logo mockups, 20 logo mockups, and 100 simple logo templates.  Professional-level photo shooting, retouching, testing with various logos make the appearance of each mockup in this bundle photorealistic. From gold hot foil to classic print effects, deboss to emboss, you will receive variety of designs in this bundle. Сreate countless logo designs previews in absolutely different styles. In each paper texture, shadows and reflections are in separate layers. Therefore adjusting everything is quite easy. Also, you can choose any color of your choice without losing the quality of photorealistic results. Use this mockup bundle for logo presentations, portfolio, web headers, social media, brandbooks, print projects, advertisement and more. If you find any difficulty using it, go through the help videos that come with the pack.

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Stationery / Branding Mockup

This mockup includes various stationery items that can be extremely useful for branding purposes. The items include Macbook, iPhone, A4 paper, envelope, business, card, memo book, CD cover, pencils, and paper clips. It is a pack of 8 high-quality PSD files, each having high resolution, detailed designs and photorealistic appearance. You can edit the whole thing via smart object. You have access to shadows and reflections as well. So, customize these as per your need and preference. Choose any background texture from the options that come with the pack. Another great thing about this mockup is it has an automatic gold effect. It is a useful theme. So, if you find it perfect for your next branding project, receive this now, and start customizing.

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Logo Mockup Branding Bundle – V2

This mockup bundle is a pack of 50 logo mockups, each having a realistic effect, and different perspective and style. From 3D to emboss, Deboss to flat, silver, gold, and more, you will find a wide variety of styles and designs of logos in the bundle. You can easily change the existing designs and place your own elements with just a few clicks using smart objects. Moreover, the high resolution of the mockups helps you have a fantastic looking final result. So, if you want to impress your target audience with awesome branding through your business logo, use this mockup bundle.

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Realistic Mood Board PSD Mockups

This is a pack of 20 PSD files, showing natural-looking wall mood board designs with realistic effects. This mockup pack is perfect for you to showcase your branding designs with ease. In this pack, you will find 5 Instagram post templates, 5 Instagram story templates, 5 Pinterest post templates, and 5 generic horizontal templates, each having high resolution. All the templates are easy-to-edit with fully customizable colors and pictures. In the PSD files, separated objects and shadows are available. Therefore you can easily create a perfect scene for your project and presentation. If you find any difficulty using the mockup, go through the instruction guide that comes with the pack.

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Minimal Stationery Mockup Creator

This mockup creator includes designs of basic stationery items that are often used for branding. Its quality texture, high resolution, separated shadows, and well-organized detailed designs are perfect for print design, portfolio, showcase, ads, banner, website, and more. The pack includes 5 pre-made ready scenes in PSD format, 10 shadows, and 6 basic colors. The background is also changeable here. In other words, you can customize the whole thing and create a whole new presentation of stationery branding that will look just the way you have ever imagined.

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Branding Stationery Mockup Bundle

This is another huge mockup bundle that you can use in your next branding project. It includes 100 premade scenes, 50 backgrounds, 50 shadow overlay, and a simple mockup creator. It also includes numerous paper sizes, backgrounds, textures and shadow options. The whole appearance of the mockups has a natural effect and a casual vibe. You can easily place the existing design with your own creative design work. Within just a few clicks, you can customize the whole thing using smart objects. This bundle offers a wide variety of choices and countless possibilities for customization.

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Coffee Stationery / Branding Mockup

This is great to use for cafe and restaurant branding projects. The mockup pack consists of 8 PSD files, showing 50 different items that you can use for showcasing branding designs. Based on professional photos, this mockup has a realistic appearance. You can edit all the objects, background, and texture using smart objects easily. Within just a few clicks you can create your own original custom scene and make your brand look attractive yet professional. What are you waiting for? Use this coffee stationery branding mockup and present your projects in such a way that is visually appealing to your clients and customers.

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Blck Branding Mockup

This is a branding mockup kit, useful for attractive web headers, showcasing print projects, and branding on social media. You can change colors of all items, add selective foil stamping, and replace the background. The same mockup will work perfectly with both dark and light designs, giving you full control of your scene. Even if you are a beginner in designing, you can use this mockup kit. It comes with a help file that will guide you throughout the process.

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Branding Board Template

This template showcases branding board design. The entire template has enough space for you to place your logo design and watermarks along with other elements. You can also customize the fonts that you use for your brand and overlay style inspiration on the bottom icons. This simple Photoshop template can help you receive a wonderful result. And such wonderful work can never fail to impress your clients and create strong brand recognition.

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Pure Branding Mockup Vol. 2

This branding mockup is perfect for creating stylish branding presentations, website headers, and social media projects. Colors of all items are changeable here. You can even add selective foil stamping and replace the background. The mockup works perfectly with both dark and light designs. Get this mockup now and use it to create attractive web headers, showcase your print projects or spread the word about your brand on social media. No matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, this mockup will be useful for you. With an illustrated PDF guide and the video tutorials, this mockup is really easy to use.

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Bundle Logo Mockups Brand

This is a pack of 30 logo mockups that are extremely useful for showcasing branding with professional touch. You can easily replace the existing logo with your own logo design. Editing the style, lights and reflections is also quite easy. With all its advanced features, this mockup bundle is great to choose for your next branding project.

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Restaurant / Food Branding Mockup

This mockup includes 10 high-quality PSD files, featuring 82 different items. It also shows 3 different perspectives. Based on professional photos, this mockup pack has a photorealistic appearance. To customize the whole thing, just open the PSD file and place your design on the necessary objects. Separated objects and shadows make your editing process quick and hassle-free. You can also change the background and texture. And if you find any difficulty using the product, simply go through the PDF guide that comes with the pack. Get this mockup bundle now and use it to present your branding design for restaurants, bar or food items visually attractive to clients.

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Pin Branding Buttons Mockup

Promotional buttons and pins show a cost effective way to communicate with your audience. In store or at events, custom pins and buttons can serve as a silent sales partner, calling attention to a new product. You can use them as giveaway products for events as well. Attendees will promote your brand for you as they walk an event while wearing your promotional buttons. Now designing such a customized pin for branding is easier than ever with this pin branding buttons mockup. It is a pack of 3 PSD files. Customizing the whole thing is really easy, thanks to the smart objects. Place your own design, place the logo color you want, and receive a personalized pin button easily. The pack comes with a help file that will guide you using the item.

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Branding Elements Mockups

This branding mockup pack is a set of 26 separated elements, 8 PSD files and 6 additional textures. This is extremely useful to showcase your projects in a very realistic and professional way. Each of the items you can hide, unhide, move and place wherever you want. Replace elements with your designs using smart objects. Simply edit the smart object, place your design, save and close! Within just these few steps, you will receive an awesome final result.

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Branding Identity Mockup

This is another useful branding mockup, featuring stationery items. It includes 8 different images and 5 different color backgrounds. The whole appearance of the mockup has a photorealistic effect. You can customize the entire layout and place your creative artwork. Well-organized groups and fully layered design make the editing process quick and easy. 

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Pin Buttons Branding Mockup

This pin buttons mockup features colorful buttons that anyone can use for branding purposes. It includes 3 PSD files, each having detailed design, well-organized layers, and high resolution. Other than editing the buttons, you can modify the background as well. And the best thing about this is it is very easy to use. If you still find any difficulty using the mockup, go through the help file that comes with it.

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Hotel Amenity Branding Mockup

Based on realistic professional photos, this mockup is great for hotel branding. In this mockup, there are 33 different items available, commonly used as hotel amenities. You can brand a hotel through those items. Use this mockup to do things easily. It is a pack of 9 high-quality PSD files. Just open a PSD file, place your design on the objects and create your own custom scene. Background , shadows and effects are also editable. Take guidance from the help file that comes with the pack if you find any difficulty using the mockup.

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Bakery Branding Mockup Kit

This mockup kit is a collection of 26 highly flexible PSD mockups scenes. The mockup kit features different types of bread packaging, stationery branding items, and decor elements. You can use these mockups for bakeries, or similar industry related branding projects. You can customize the whole thing in just a few clicks. Completely masked layers help you change colors, modify textures, adjust shadows, and customize objects easily. If you find any difficulty using the mockup kit, go through the help file and video tutorial that come with the pack.

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Barber & Cosmetics Branding Mockup

Based on professionally photographed images, this barber and cosmetics branding mockup  is great for making a brand look attractive. It includes 11 PSD files, featuring 50 different items and 4 readymade scenes. Its high resolution ensures the best quality of your final work. Separated shadows and objects make the editing process quick and easy for you. So, what are you waiting for? Use this mockup pack and create your own custom scene. 

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Garment Hang Tag Branding Mockup

A garment hang tag is a reflection of your brand identity. It can speak volumes about your brand identity. To design a customized garment hang tag, use this garment hang tag branding mockup. This is a PSD mockup, featuring 3 different opinions for hang tags – round tag, double tag, and velum tag. There are 4 differently styled backgrounds also available. Furthermore, realistic deboss and gold foil logo effects make the whole appearance eye-catchy. If you have basic knowledge of Photoshop, you can easily use this mockup.

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Final thoughts,

All the above-discussed mockups are equally useful for various types of branding. Pick the one that is related to the product you want to brand. Customize the layout just the way you want. Create wonderful design presentations.

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